Custom Golf Clubs at Affordable Prices… in Winnipeg!Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron - Clubhead


Custom Golf Club Assembly

Maximize your potential by letting SRK assemble custom-made clubs for YOU! Receive high quality specialty golf components at a fraction of the price of the name brand golf clubs, customized to accommodate your specific measurements and playing level.

Our experienced club makers are highly skilled at their craft and custom build golf clubs for many pro shops as well as individual players from beginners to pros. This service is available to all our customers.

Golf club fitting is also available for a fee of $50, which is used as a credit towards the total purchase price for a full or partial custom-made golf club set. Let us help you choose the made-to-order components you need (club heads, shafts and grips), then just total the prices and add the assembly fee. We are ready to build your clubs to your specifications!

Assembly fees;
  • 1 club – $20.00
  • 2-6 clubs – $15.00/club
  • 7 or more clubs – $12.50/club

Repair Service

Our experienced club makers at SRK offer a comprehensive golf club repair service; we’ll help you get back on the golf course ASAP!
Repair Fees (per club unless otherwise specified);
  • Regrip – $3.95
  • Attach Club Head – $12.50
  • Shorten Club – $9.50, plus cost of the grip
  • Shorten Club (Save Grip) – $12.50
  • Reshaft (Steel or Graphite) – $15.00, plus cost of the shaft and grip
  • Reshaft (Bore Through) – $25.00, plus cost of the shaft and grip
  • Drill Out or Shaft Extraction – $17.50
  • Loft & Lie Adjustment – $6.00 per adjustment
  • Swing Weight Adjustment – $15.00
  • Shaft Extensions – $12.50
  • FLO Raw Shaft – $15.00
  • Tip Adapter Installation – $15.00
  • Rattle in Club Head – $22.50
  • Customer Provided Grip Install – $5.50
  • Customer Provided Tip Installation – $20.00
  • Customer Provided Reshaft – $25.00
  • Customer Provided Bore Through Reshaft – $39.95
  • Customer Provided Specialty Installation – $35.00
Need a service that is not listed? Please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote.