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True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro (.355″ Taper Tip)

True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro (.355″ Taper Tip)


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Available by Special Order. Please Allow 7-10 Days for Delivery

The idea for Elevate Tour came directly from tour feedback from players who needed help combating the “low spin” industry trend. Being a mid-weight design that helps increase initial launch/spin and creates optimal land angles to hold more green, Elevate Tour provides an option for players struggling with this “low spin” trend that are still looking for a slightly heavier shaft offering.

Tempo (Moderate)

Your swing tempo isn’t just your swing speed but also your swing pace. Consider how you pull the club back, how long it hangs in the air and how quickly you swing through the ball. Swing tempo helps indicate how the club is loaded and how the club will react through impact.

Trajectory (Medium)

Golfers who want a low, penetrating ball flight should choose a shaft with a lower trajectory.

Spin (Medium)

Selecting the correct shaft spin helps maximize carry distance and optimize landing angle.


.355″ Taper Tip, Available in R300, S 300 and X100 Flex