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Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrid

Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrid


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Available By Special Order. Please Allow 2-3 Weeks For Delivery


The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrids feature Diamond Face 2.0, a major breakthrough in face technology.  Diamond Face consists of 39 “mini-trampolines” behind the face which flex and rebound to rocket the ball of the club head for explosive ball speed and distance.  As an added benefit, Diamond Face improves performance on off-center hits and reduces spin.

Thanks to a high MOI rear sole weight, the C522 is incredibly stable as well.  The weight pushes the center of gravity lower and deeper, which in turn tightens dispersion and improves overall accuracy.  Additionally, the CG location creates increased launch angles, apex heights, hang time and overall distance.

Tour Edge equips the C522 with Mitsubishi’s FUBUKI HL graphite shaft.  This extremely lightweight shaft helps players achieve maximum club head speed for added distance, and with its lower kick point, helps fight the slice.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrids Feature:

  • Diamond Face 2.0 Technology with 40 different thick/thin diamond shapes that act as “mini-trampolines” to produce best in-class power and accuracy
  • MOI boosting rear sole weight in a deep CG casing minimizes twisting and lowers CG for maximum stability and an optimized launch
  • 360° Cup Face Design boosts face flex on off-center hits for increased power and distance across the entire face
  • Acoustic Resonance Channels are internally positioned to deliver exceptional sound and feel
  • Deeper Power Channel behind the face increases face flex for amplified ball speed and forgiveness on shots stuck low on the face
  • Ultralight shaft with a lower kick point improves club head speed and helps fight the slice



Available Shaft Options;

Fubuki HL (L,A,R,S,X)

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#3 Hybrid, #4 Hybrid, #5 Hybrid, #6 Hybrid


Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL L, Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL A, Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL R, Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL S, Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL X